Smart Platform

Gear up for your business growth. Shift from Manual to Auto!

You will be surprised at how many businesses both large and small still use tedious spreadsheets to capture data and use email to manage parts of their process, even though automating it is actually such a simple alternative.

Some of the problems that our customers faced before they approached us

  • Automating it is complex and costly
  • We did not know there was a simpler alternative to our manual process
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Smart Suite of Products

Ready products to run your business!

Businesses can focus on growth when the people and processes are in place. Our suite of products are available to get you started quickly, easily and covers the basic functional features. If you need a bit of tweaking, take help from our support team. If you think you want to build your own product to suit your process, we will be glad to assist you with it.

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Smart Stars

How to retain and delight customers!

It is not about HOW much information you have about your customer, it is about HOW you use it. Customer engagement is an art. We make it easy for you. Smart Stars is our highly successful Customer engagement product built from our Smart Platform. It collects, automates, analyses and enables decision making about your customers at all points of their buying journey with you.

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Custom Product Development

We offer technology partnership in its truest sense

When it comes to customised product development, you need to work with a partner who understands your business in detail, brings in technology expertise, stays back to support and partners with you to achieve your business objectives. Well, that’s rare you might say. Try working with us!

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Work Smart

Unified platform to manage projects, clients and teams

The Work Smart application aligns HR processes, employee tasks and project management for services industries. The primary advantage is to streamline work processes and measure employee productivity.
The HR process capability is at the core of the Work Smart application. Without limiting itself to a simple HRIS, the Work Smart extends to become the underlying technology platform to ease work processes in businesses of all sizes.

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